UCL Investment Society

We are the go-to source for our student members for career support, technical training information, up-to-date market knowledge and a fun, accepting community.

Welcome to the UCL Investment Society

The UCL Investment society – UCLIS – is one of the top 3 largest career societies on campus, and a leading member of the UCL Guild. We host the most senior speakers, organise the UK’s largest mentorship programme and pride ourselves on our flagship Finance Conference – the largest of its kind across EMEA. This is why we are widely regarded by the financial industry as the most prestigious society at UCL!

Our mission is to empower our members and provide them with the best opportunity to kick-start their careers. We want to help you secure your dream internship, and hopefully job, at the top firms in London and around the world. We provide exposure to our many sponsors and world-renowned guest speakers, whilst keeping things fun at our esteemed socials!

Last year we hosted some of the most prestigious events on campus:

  • UCL Finance Conference
  • UCL Buy-Side Panel
  • Keynote Speaker series: Ashok Aram (EMEA CEO, Deutsche Bank), Jonathan Sorrell (President, Man Group), Xavier Rolet (CEO, London Stock Exchange)
  • Meet the Committee social @ Nordic Bar, with over 300 guests

Participating in our 3 key programmes is a sure set way to make you stand out amongst the crowd and we strongly encourage you to apply.

Finally, be aware of our First Year Rep positions at UCLIS. This is a great way to gain many skills that will prove to be valuable in any professional career – whilst getting a unique opportunity to grow your network. You’ll find the work you put into the society makes a real difference to the UCL student body and your own professional development – it is incredibly rewarding!

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Jack Moor

President of UCL Investment Society

UCL Investment Society
Key Programmes

UCL’s largest run event – it is also known to be Europe’s largest and most prestigious student-run conference. Past speakers include Alberto Verme, Global Chairman of ICG, Citi and many more senior executives. With guest speeches from industry leaders, a 3-course meal at a 5* hotel, a panel discussion on hottest current affairs, 1-on-1 networking with the likes of J.P. Morgan and BoAML, a stock pitch competition with Jefferies and an interactive workshop with Amplify Trading, this conference has it all. This is why it is consistently oversubscribed by 4 times – and we expect this year to be no different! Apply as early as possible to maximise your chances of attending this event.

With more than 1 in 2 participants securing an internship, our programme delivers better results than most professional career services. Our mentors have all successfully tackled the application process and are there to help you to do the same – from improving your CV, to writing your first cover letter, networking pointers and interview prep. Receiving this tailored advice is the best way of securing your dream internship. The best part? It’s totally free!

The First-Year Representative programme allows talented, hard-working and curious students to rotate through all the different teams at UCLIS and work on the biggest and most prestigious events at UCL. Directly involved in the famous UCL Finance Conference and the biggest mentorship programme in the UK, selected students will have access to the best opportunities on campus and acquire the skills for a successful career in finance. 

After a successful first year, the Fund is ready to continue its growth. Focused on learning, the Fund is an educational platform to give hands-on experience with virtual trading and valuation methods. You’ll gain market insights,  learn about various industry sectors and gain experience using key financial tools – helping you ace any interview process.

As one of the largest and most prestigious societies on campus, we have established a wide network and host some of the most esteemed speakers in the industry. Join us at our events to learn about the latest trends in finance and have the chance to meet some of the highest profiles in the industry.

With our wide and well-established network in London, we collaborate with many finance societies from other London-based universities such as LBS, Imperial and LSE to host more prestigious, reputable, and diverse events for members.

We are very excited to announce our partnership with New Horizon Youth Centre (NHYC) for the 2018/19 academic year. NHYC is a London-based charity that supports homeless youth (16-21 yrs) with a range of services from counselling, training and employment support.

In our partnership, UCLIS will provide biweekly one-on-one workshop sessions and mentorship to help NHYC youth optimise their CV, CL and interview skills. Given our belief in skills as enablers, we are very proud to be supporting fellow London youth develop the skills they need to transform their own lives and create positive futures.